5 Tricks to Teach Your Dog and Stimulate Its Mind

 Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to bond and have fun with them! With a few simple commands, you can teach your pup how to shake hands, lay down, spin in circles, and much more. Learn the tips here to get started with training your four-legged friend.

trick to teach your dog

Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands.

One of the most classic and beloved tricks you can teach your pooch is to “shake hands”. The start by giving them their favorite treats and holding a treat in your hand. Guide their paw to your hand and say “shake” as they get it right. As they learn this trick, reward them with treats, words of love, and lots of hugs!

Teach Your Dog to Lay Down.

It’s a great idea to teach your dog the “lay down” trick! This trick helps them learn essential obedience and makes it easier to learn more complicated tricks. Start by holding a treat in front of their nose and slowly move it to the ground. Say “down” as they begin to follow the treat, reward them with lots of pats and treats when they lay down all on their own.

Teach Your Dog The "High Five" Trick

The "high five" trick is a great one to teach your pup. To start, grab their paw and gently lay it against your hand. Then, offer them a treat in exchange for putting their paw back into the same spot on your hand. Once they do that, say the command “high five” in an upbeat and rewarding tone. As they continue getting used to this trick, slowly raise your hand higher so they have to reach it with their paw. Offer plenty of positive reinforcement and treats when they succeed!

Teach Your Dog to Fetch Something for You

This trick is a great way to keep your pup entertained and stimulated. Start by encouraging your dog to pick up an object such as a toy or biscuit in their mouth. Once they have the object, offer them a treat while repeating the command “Fetch!” As they become more comfortable with the process, add more objects and encourage them to fetch multiple items. Don’t forget to reward and praise them when they complete this task correctly!

Have your dog perform tricks on command

The trick is in teaching your four-legged friend to do tricks on command! Start by teaching them simple commands such as sit and stay. Once they are comfortable with those words, you can begin teaching more complicated tricks such as roll over or shake hands. Choose the command word for the trick and use it every time you’re trying to train the trick. As you progress in training, be sure to reward your pup with treats and praise when they complete each step!

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